Welcome to Chi Alpha Peoria!

Reconciling Students to Christ: Transforming the University, the Marketplace & the World

We are praying that you would fulfill your destiny and live a life of purpose.  Jesus came that we might have 'abundant life'.  We want you to have that kind of life! Use the buttons above for ICC or Bradley to find out what's happening this week on-campus!

Chi Alpha ► What's it all about?

► Asking God for help (like during your Organic Chemistry exam). We call this prayer.

► Doing what Jesus would do (for instance, actually attending Organic Chem once in awhile). We call this discipleship.

► Helping each other (like meeting a study partner for lunch while cramming for Organic Chem!). We call this fellowship.

► Telling God thank you (especially after passing Organic Chem). We call this worship.

► Changing the world (using Organic Chemistry to become a medical professional among the poor). We call this witness.

Now is the time to join in!  Click here for Upcoming Events.

Bradley & ICC Events:

Hello Bradley students!  Did you know that our Chi Alpha Ministry House is located at 1309 W. Main Street, just across the street from Harper & Wyckoff?  This is our "home base" for many of the events and meetings that we host throughout the semester.

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